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That’s why he doesn’t kill him. That’s why he saves him. That end scene to me was always like: ‘I don’t know what this is, I just know I’m supposed to do this right now. Whatever this is, I’m supposed to protect this for some reason.

Sebastian Stan on Bucky’s mindset when he decides not to let Steve die

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will you still love me when i’m no longer talking to anyone because dragon age 3 has finally been released and that is all i am doing literally all i am doing (a song by leliana del rey)

make me choose | frohdo asked: sebastian stan or james mcavoy

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Okay, so mind = blown.  I don’t know how I missed this parallel but it’s amazing. 

First Thor:  Odin has a chance to save a broken-hearted Loki and doesn’t.

Second Thor:  Thor saves him from one-way ticket to Hel even after all the evil he has done.

This is officially one of my favorite gifsets ever made.

Thank you for ripping my heart right out of my chest by that parallel. I didn’t need it anyway
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And if Thor repaid that adoration with little slights and humiliations, it was a price Loki was only too willing to pay for his company. excerpt from the Blood Brothers synopsis
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I don’t remember you

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Sebastian Stan behind the scenes of Captain America: The Winter Soldier

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"Thank you, Buck. But I can get by my own."
"The thing is, you don’t have to. I’m with you till the end of the line, pal.”

"Thank you, Buck. But I can get by my own."

"The thing is, you don’t have to. I’m with you till the end of the line, pal.”

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The cast of Game of Thrones, being normal and not covered in mud or snow or gowns or fur! How bizarre! Thanks BuzzFeed.

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Lady Sif on Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD

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